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What Are We Doing?

We've been designing and developing apps since 2008. We take the lifecycle of all our products as a basis, from the planning and idea stage to implementation.
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There are essential steps to be followed before starting a project. The definition of the project and the problem takes place at the beginning of these.
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Kullanıcı Görüşmeleri

User Interviews

Before proceeding to the design phase in any of our user-oriented projects; User interviews are conducted in order to understand the target user behaviors and to identify the main findings.



It is a research technique for target audience and market on contemporary communication tools by adapting ethnographic methods. General and social media research can be done for keywords.

Rakip Araştırması

Competitor Analysis

It is the step where all the projects in the sector where the project is located and to be competed are examined and what can be done, what should be avoided and the steps to be taken differently are studied in detail.



User feedback and customer requests are very important when implementing a project. So, at how many stages do we evaluate this information?
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Kullanabilirlik Testi

Usability Test

While the product is presented to a user, the user is asked to complete a few tasks. Meanwhile, the user's interactions are noted by the researcher and their feedback is listened to.

İlişki Haritası

Relation Map

Site üzerinde bulunacak olan web sayfalarının ve bu sayfalarda yer alacak alanların belirlendiği, sayfalar arasında uygulanacak etkileşimlerin planlandığı tekniktir.



It is the technique of creating personality cards for this character by creating imaginary characters in order to determine the target audience. With the persona technique, the target market is determined and marketing is done for this area.

Affinity Map

Affinity Map

Ideas and observations from research studies, customer requests and feedback from team members are brought together, grouped and included in the process.



Do you want to communicate with your customers and users correctly by creating eye-catching and catchy designs?
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Stil Kılavuzu

Style Guide

It is the technique in which the selected visual object, text or images for a specific subject or area are presented visually with examples.



These are the draft drawings in which the areas to be included in the pages of the project and the items to be included in these areas are outlined. UI designs are designed according to the output obtained from wireframes.

UI Tasarım

UI Design

It is the stage where the pages that the project will interact with the user are determined with the help of design tools.



It is the simulation phase where the project is shown how it will work and its functionality before going to the coding phase. The prototype phase allows the scenario to be tested on the project.



Would you like to bring your ideas to life by ensuring your data security with modern technologies?
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Web Servisler

Web Services

We develop web products tailored to products in order to automate processes and make quick transactions.

Native Mobil Uygulama Geliştirme

Native Mobile Application Development

We create special mobile applications for Android and iOS devices and offer them quickly in stores.

Hibrit Mobil Uygulama Geliştirme

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

We are developing a single application for use on multiple platforms (Android and iOS).

Veri Güvenliği

Data Security

We pass manual and automatic safety tests to ensure the quality and success of your product.